Torque Early Christmas Gift Guide


With its almost six years’ experience in the industry, Torque developed different products from entry level to high-end fashionable smartphones. Torque launches its new line-up of Affordable Android Smart Phones: The DROIDZ Smart, DROIDZ Inspire, DROIDZ Trend, DROIDZ Easy and DROIDZ Zap. Since us, Filipinos observe the start of Christmas season in early September, the new line-up of DROIDZ phones is best for presents to your loved ones. Capture sweet and memorable memories this Christmas with this new DROIDZ series of phones!

Torque continues in innovating mobile devices with powerful processors, stylish designs, long battery life, and high grade specs at affordable prices, so look out for more!

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Community Survey

Given the same price, would you choose an Android Smartphone with Octa-Core CPU + HD Screen or Quad-Core CPU + FHD Screen?

Octa-Core CPU + HD Screen? - 68.3%
Quad-Core + FHD Screen? - 31.7%

Total votes: 417
The voting for this poll has ended on: 17 Sep 2014 - 05:00